What we offer is not just a service, we provide you with a partnership that is fulfilled with commitment.


Constructive US prides itself with helping business plan and manage their construction projects, and to ensure efficiency we always strive to have our partners work more efficiently by assisting them where they need us the most, when it comes to the case of partnering up with Potter south east, we have assisted with their Time impact analysis to help them better forecast and plan for their project in Tennessee for grading, drainage and paving on S.R. 63 from near Myers Lane to Frontier Road/Woodson Lane, our professionals helped assisting them to better schedule for their project with our forecast.


Baldwin Paving


Crosby Lynchburg Road Phase 4

Encinal Canyon Pressure Zones 525 and 825 Improvements

Bedford Hills 45152-C

Repair Supply Compound Pavement, NAVFAC (Reconstruct Pavement in San Diego, CA)

IH 45 Frontage Road Bridge

D’amato Security Perimeter Upgrade

Highway 242 Project

SR 4010 Section 012

PS230k SCA Project in Brooklyn


Statue of Liberty National Momentum.

Sea Girt, NJ Bldg #23 (National Guard Training Center)

Repair Miller-Fox Envelope

I.S. 503, Brooklyn Ceiling Repair