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Constructive US is one of the pioneers in field of Project and Construction Management . Constructive is a simple and objective solution for all your Project and Construction management needs. What we offer is not just a service, we provide you with a partnership that is filled with commitment. Constructive is determined to go along with you on the journey of your project success.

Constructive U.S. | Project Controls Consultants

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Constructive U.S. | Project Controls Consultants

Your assisting partner that helps to save your annually wasted funds. The partner that assists in forgetting the hassle of back-and-forths. This is your confirmed way to deliver approved schedules. Get risk-free and optimized results through our project control services.


Expert Project Controls Consultants for Your Project Management Needs

Almost all construction projects face challenges like tied Deadlines and limited Manpower. These issues can slow down progress and waste a lot of money, As a result; Constructive US understands these common problems aiming to provide contractors and developers with customized solutions for their specific concerns.

We offer a variety of services to help projects run smoothly. Focusing on two main parts: construction planning and design. Our services are meant to organize your project in a way that matches your interests. This helps ensure productive results and on time completion .

What we do

Construction Consulting Services

CPM Scheduling

Our scheduling services help you streamline your construction project. Our team will create and update a proficient schedule. This makes sure your project goes as planned and on budget from start to finish.

Construction Claims Consulting

We help protect you from unexpected delays. These delays will result in creating claims that will surely cause issues for your project. Our experts work with you to lower risks. And if it’s too late for tears, the time is ripe for us to support you if any claims come up,  feel confident.

BIM Modeling

We create 3D, 4D, or 5D models to help you see and improve your construction project. Our advanced modeling helps identify clashes and resolve them. This can greatly reduce the number of RFIs and resulting change orders. It does thereby reduce claims. It also helps make the building process more efficient.

Professional Consultations | Real Project Controls Experts

Construction Project Management Services

CPM Scheduling: When you choose our CPM scheduling services, you don’t just get schedules – you gain a team that lived construction. Our experts truly see your project inside and out. They offer field-tested know-how and risk-free delivery.

Construction Dispute Resolution: Facing claims? Our dispute resolution services stare down even the toughest cases. We learn what ends them fastest. But these aren’t average negotiators. They’ve been in the trenches, deeply understanding all sides.

Primavera P6 Training: Tired of software geeks who don’t get it? Our P6 training breathes the field, teaching techniques that stick. From start to finish, trainees gain partners who’ve truly done this all before.

Construction Risk Consulting: Before risks strike, we’ve already stared them down. We advise strategies others miss. Our risk experts have been everywhere and deeply understand what you face. With them, you prep for anything.

BIM Modeling: Our BIM modeling brings your vision to life. We use field-tested software to deliver risk-free results. But these aren’t average builders – they’ve been on site, truly getting your project inside and out.

Constructability Review: Facing make-or-break choices? Our reviews have stared down it all before, advising what saves most. You gain partners who’ve truly built it all. They offer field-proven strategies and risk-free delivery.

Why Considering Constructive U.S.?

When you pick Constructive as a partner, you pick the best. As the #1 controls consultant in the Middle East, your partner doesn’t just make schedules; our experts lived construction. They’ve breathed the field for years, deeply understanding sequencing.

These aren’t your average software geeks; they’ve stared down every risk, learning what others miss. With us, you get it all: field-tested know-how, risk-free policies, and legendary after-sales support. From start to finish, our team truly gets your project inside and out.

We’re not just consultants; we’re partners who’ve done it all. The choice is simple: to succeed, choose the pros who have lived it.

Experienced Help: We have 15 years of experience with construction and managing projects. Our experienced team can help you make a schedule you can count on.

Best Value for Money: Get the highest quality services for what you pay. This makes us the top value-for-money solution.

Fast Results: We work efficiently, so you review schedules at least a week before due dates. This helps your project timeline go smoothly.

No Job Too Far: Available on-site Constructive US. Representatives on your request. You get full support, no matter where the job is located.


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