Construction Claims Consultants

Construction Claims Consultancy by Constructive U.S.:

We understand the critical role of proactive construction claims consultations. They help achieve successful project outcomes. Our highly skilled construction claim consultants are dedicated to working closely with you. They address potential claims that may arise throughout your project. They provide comprehensive support from preparation to resolution

Changes happen a lot in construction. Delays and disruptions are common. This often causes costs to go over budget. It can cause problems between the parties involved. At Constructive U.S., we know delays matter a lot. It is important to fix them the right way. Our team is an expert at delay analysis. They look at schedules to see who is at fault. They prove claims and say how much money is wasted. They also help solve disputes between parties involved in projects.

Our Construction Claims Consulting Services:

We offer comprehensive construction claims consulting services tailored to real estate owners, contractors, law firms, and insurance companies.

Our team of experienced consultants provides the following services:

  • Expert Services:

    Expert Witness Testimony: Our experts provide credible witness testimony.

    Entitlement Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of entitlement related to construction claims.

    We conduct in-depth analysis of critical path method delays. We also analyze productivity issues and damages.

  • Construction Consulting::

    Project Extension of Staff: Additional staff support for your project.

    Project Scheduling Support: Assistance with project scheduling.

    Cost Estimating Services: Accurate cost estimating services to guide your project budget.

  • Construction Planning and Scheduling Services:

    CPM Preparation: Critical Path Method preparation for effective project management.

    Time Extension Requests: Assistance with time extension requests.

    Schedule Updates: Regular updates to project schedules.

    We comprehensively review and analyze expert reports to resolve issues effectively.

  • Benefits of Our Construction Claims Consulting Services:

    Our high-quality consulting services have gained global recognition, benefiting clients nationwide. Key advantages include:

    Our experienced team has extensive expertise. They use extensive research, analytical techniques, and risk management skills. This is to protect your project’s integrity.

    We use the Critical Path Method to analyze potential project impacts and delays. This helps us resolve claims and construction disputes fairly throughout the project’s lifecycle.

    We are committed to collaborating with all contractual parties. We aim to settle claims and construction disputes amicably. We aim to avoid arbitration or litigation whenever possible.

    We provide expert testimony for mediation, arbitration, and trial when there are disagreements. Our goal is to ensure a successful and favorable resolution.

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Methodologies Employed:

Impacted As-Planned:

We make a plan and schedule at the start of the project. This shows what was expected. We compare it to what really happened. We look at differences and delays. We add impacts to the plan schedule to see delays.

Collapsed As-Built or But For Analysis:

In this technique, we remove delay and disruption events from the as-built schedule. This helps us find the date it would have finished “if not for” those events.


As-Planned vs. As-Built Analysis:

This method compares the plan schedule to the as-built schedule. It looks at when activities were meant to start and finish vs. when they really did. It looks at critical and near-critical paths.

Time Impact Analysis (TIA):

We use a modeled way to look at each delay and disruption separately over time. We figure out how much each one affects the schedule. We see how much time was lost right before and after each event happened.

Windows Analysis:

With this method, we break the project into smaller time periods. This helps us see and measure the real effect of delays. We compare the forecasted critical and near-critical paths of the schedule at the start of each period. We compare this to the as-planned schedule at the end of each period.

Why Hire a Construction Claims Consultant?

Engaging a construction claims consultant at the project outset offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Avoiding Value-Destroying Projects
  • Pursuing Strategic Growth Opportunities
  • Reducing Cost Overruns and Delays
  • Enhancing Project Risk Management

Choose Constructive U.S. as Your Claims Consultant:

No matter your project’s size, scope, or location, Constructive U.S. has the experience and knowledge. They deliver industry-leading construction claims consulting. Trust us to provide expert services that ensure the success of your project. At Constructive U.S., our experts use proven methods. They use critical path methods and standard industry means. This helps with careful delay analysis for schedules. The analyses are customized for each project’s individual details. Contact us today to discuss your needs and benefit from our proven expertise.


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