Construction Claims Consultants

Construction Claims Consultancy

At Constructive U.S., we recognize the importance of proactive construction claim consultations in achieving successful project outcomes.Our highly skilled construction claim consultants will work closely with you to address any potential construction claims that may arise throughout your project. We are committed to delivering comprehensive support throughout the construction claims process, from preparing and submitting Time Impact Analyses (TIA) to presenting and defending your position until the final resolution.

Our experienced claims consultants possess the expertise to identify, analyze, and determine the root causes of construction claims on complex engineered projects.We dedicate ourselves to delivering high-quality services, including preparing and presenting construction claims, to ensure we complete your project within the designated timeframe and budget.

Construction Claims Consulting Services At Constructive U.S.

We offer comprehensive construction claims consulting services tailored to real estate owners, contractors, law firms, and insurance companies.

Our team of experienced consultants provides the following services:

  • Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution: Our experts provide expert witness testimony, entitlement analysis, CPM delay, productivity, and damages analysis.

  • Construction Consulting: We offer project extension of staff, project scheduling support, and cost estimating services.

  • Construction Planning and Scheduling Services: Our team provides CPM preparation, time extension requests, schedule updates, and complete expert reports review, analysis, and resolution.

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Benefits of Our Construction Claims Consulting Services

Our high-quality consulting services have gained recognition worldwide, benefiting clients nationwide by leveraging our expertise in various agency scheduling requirements. We utilize extensive research, analytical techniques, and risk management skills to safeguard the integrity of your project. Our unique approach to construction consulting begins with the critical path method, enabling us to analyze all potential project impacts and delays, leading to equitable resolution of claims and impact-related construction disputes throughout the project lifecycle.

At Constructive U.S., we are committed to preventing, mitigating, and resolving construction claims. We collaborate with all contractual parties to settle claims and construction disputes amicably, without arbitration or litigation.If disagreements arise and we cannot resolve them outside of court, we go the extra mile to achieve the best possible outcome for your company, offering expert testimony when necessary.Our consultants are well-versed in providing expert services for mediation, arbitration, and trial, and conducting comprehensive claims analysis, ensuring a successful and favourable resolution.

Why Hire a Construction Claims Consultant for Your Project?

Engaging a construction claims consultant at the outset of your project can help prevent significant issues as your project progresses.

 Through our comprehensive and industry-leading approach to construction project management, your projects and organizations can reap numerous benefits, including:

  • Avoiding value-destroying projects

  • Pursuing strategic growth opportunities with speed, skill, and confidence

  • Reducing cost overruns and delays in project completion

  • Enhancing your ability to manage and minimize project risks

At Constructive U.S., we possess the experience and knowledge to deliver industry-leading construction claims consulting, regardless of your project’s size, scope, or location. You can trust us to provide expert services that will ensure the success of your project.

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