Constructability Review

Introducing the Constructability Review:

A constructability review is essential for successful project management. It helps identify and address potential construction issues early in the project lifecycle. It involves a thorough examination of design plans and specifications. This ensures that the project can be built efficiently and effectively.

Common Jobsite Problems Corrected in Constructability Review:

  • Coordination issues between different building systems
  • Constructability challenges related to site logistics
  • Material availability and procurement concerns
  • Compliance with local building codes and regulations

Projects Suitable for Constructability Review:

Constructability reviews are particularly beneficial for complex projects. They involve intricate designs. They have tight schedules. They require a high degree of coordination among various construction disciplines. They are especially valuable for large-scale commercial developments. They are also valuable for infrastructure projects and projects with unique architectural features.

Addressing Building Design Failures:

An easy online search for building design failures yields numerous poorly executed examples. Common oversights can lead to costly redesigns or embarrassing structural flaws. Examples include those listed below.

  • Doors that open in the wrong direction.
  • Windows with obstructed views or facing walls.
  • Pipes running through essential areas like stairwells.
  • Inadequately low ceilings.
  • Non-compliant or improperly designed ADA ramps.
  • And more.

Furthermore, significant design flaws can require expensive alterations. This may strain budgets so much that it halts projects or tempts unsafe shortcuts. Failures in design or engineering can have severe repercussions. They can endanger lives and property.


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