Construction Claims

Constructive will study your merit of claim and the contractual agreement along with the circumstances surrounding the event which gives entitlement to the extension of time in order to identify the best methodology to be used in your claim

Construction Claims

  • Disputes arise as long as the human factor remains a non constant element in any procedure, while during construction, disputes could resemble a setoff for the construction progress.
  • Constructive’s expert league of consultants have dealt with all sorts of construction claims resulting from a variety of construction’s unfortunate events, with ambient knowledge
  • Here in Constructive , we provide our clients with the proper support, through analyzing the construction circumstances throughout which the dispute arouse, concising the points out to a simple equation of errors, erroneous resultants and calibrated actions.
  • Constructive provides clients with the right testimonial, litigation, arbitration, contractual engagement liability and merit of claim consulting, during all phases of claiming and litigation processes.

Having a fully prepared expert capacity providing:

    • Constructive’s experts have the integrity, skill and acknowledgement of the right approach to each case of claiming and litigation uniquely, analyzing all potentialities of delay, seeking settlement of all parties, to prevent over granted actions and minimize project risks.
    • Construction Resolution Dispute
    • Varied Construction Claims
    • Quantification of Damages
    • Schedule Delays
    • Defect Analysis
    • Arbitration & Mediation Support
    • Mitigation Support
    • Differing Site Conditions
    • Testimony & Litigation

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